• Switchboard Upgrades

  • Due to power consumption habits changing a lot in recent years, older style homes and their switchboards struggle to keep up with the power demand of modern day living. With devices such as computers, smart phones, tablets and other electronic equipment, a power surge could be fatal to the device as well as the data/information it may hold.

  • Signs that your switchboard needs upgrading range from flickering/dimming of lights, power outlets tripping to complete power outages. If your switchboard is fitted with porcelain re-wireable fuses, then the board no longer complies to the current standard.

  • A new switchboard is fitted with circuit breakers and safety switches, which cut the power supply when an electrical fault is detected; removing the potential of fire, electric shock and electrocution.

    The mains cable to the board are also upgraded to allow for the higher demand of power and future expansion.