• Air-Conditioning

  • Split Systems

    Split system air-conditioners are ideal for conditioning the air of a single room or area of your home, office or building.

    By having an indoor unit that can be mounted in multiple positions including on a wall, flush with the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling. An outdoor unit can be installed as close as 1 meter away up to 20 meters away, giving you the flexibility of an install that is cosmetically appealing.

  • Split systems can come in cooling only, or the more common reverse cycle (cooling and heating) option, allowing you to utilize the air-conditioner all year round.

  • Ducted Systems

    Ducted air-conditioners are great for controlling the temperature of multiple areas, rooms and/or offices.

    They can be designed to work on a single zone (eg. Office areas) to multiple zones (eg. Living areas during the day, bedrooms during the evening).

  • The indoor unit and duct work is hidden inside the roof space, with only return air vents and air vents being installed flush to the ceiling, and the outdoor unit to be placed in a hidden, minimal trafficed area.

    The ducted system is also reverse cycle system, they allow you to take advantage of the air-conditioner all year round.